Emirates Draw Supports the Conservation of the UAE’s Natural Heritage For A Better Tomorrow

Dubai, UAE, 19 October 2023: Recognizing the vital role that corals play in marine ecosystems, Emirates Draw steps up to underscore their significance. These corals, while renowned for their aesthetic beauty, are essential lifelines for a myriad of marine species, offering habitats and breeding grounds(1). Their universally acknowledged importance goes beyond marine sustenance, as cutting-edge research reveals their potential therapeutic applications, notably in battling various cancers(2).

As the world observes Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's timely to highlight the emerging role of corals in the fight against this pervasive disease.

Corals, testament to nature's tenacity, have weathered myriad adversities over hundreds of millions of years. Their survival attributes include unique chemicals that form part of their natural defense. Shirley Pomponi, a seasoned marine biotechnology expert, unveils an intriguing revelation: “In all my years of research, I've never identified a tumor in corals. This suggests their inherent defense mechanisms and metabolic activities might harbor promising avenues for human health.”(3)(4)

These insights aren't merely theoretical; corals are practical game-changers in the medical realm. They serve as foundational elements for antibiotics, cancer treatments, and even inspire advances in areas like bone grafting and dental work(5)(6). Specific coral species have been identified in breast cancer treatments(7), and the gorgonian, or soft coral, has even inspired skincare breakthroughs, as seen with Estee Lauder leveraging its anti-inflammatory potential(8).

Yet, with the oceans undergoing transformative changes, these invaluable corals face threats to their survival.

In response, Emirates Draw, celebrated for its enticing weekly prizes, reaffirms its commitment to the community and environment through the spearheading of its Coral Reef Restoration Programme. This initiative, pivotal in conserving the UAE's corals, symbolizes the UAE's overarching vision: championing environmental stewardship, confronting climate change, and nurturing marine ecosystems. More than just prizes, Emirates Draw is shaping a more promising future and making a tangible difference.


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