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Did you know the UAE’s coral reefs rank 38th in size globally?
Impressive as that sounds, they’re also in danger and could be gone in the next few years unless we act now!
The coral reefs in UAE are home to some of the most prosperous species of corals in the Arabian Gulf. Let’s come together and do our part to protect the country’s natural resources, raising awareness about their current state, and ensuring their survival #ForABetterTomorrow.

Get Involved

Here’s your chance to help protect the UAE’s coral reefs!
Enter Emirates Draw by purchasing a Pencil(s) to help us restore the coral reefs through our coral planting activities. We aim to conserve marine life, increase awareness about marine conservation and encourage everyone to do their part in building a better tomorrow.
Each purchase also gives you the opportunity to join our weekly draws, where you could win huge cash prizes. Get involved and make a difference!

Our Volunteers

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our Coral Warriors. Check out what they have to say!

It felt like entering a whole new realm, completely captivating. Holding that delicate coral in my hands made me realize... Read More

Justin Aguilar


Holding that delicate coral in my hands made me realize the immense responsibility we have to protect our precious oceans.... Read More

Justin Aguilar


It was my first time diving and it was an enthralling experience. Definitely something everyone should try at least once.



Had a great time planting coral. It is something everyone needs to experience.

Peter Awad


Never before have I seen such an unwavering commitment by an organisation to passionately follow the cause it believes in.... Read More

Ronak Kotecha


Being a part of Emirates Draw and experiencing the under water world was a dream come true for me. And... Read More

Rijin Varghese


I have taken part of several volunteering activities as part of this program since last year and i love every... Read More

Neslie Goode


The trip was great, knowledge was shared by the team. It felt great volunteering and being part of this project.... Read More

Yazeed Mujahed


Hey, Thank you so much for inviting us to be part of that amazing experience, to help sea life and... Read More

Haythem Hosny


Blessed to have had the opportunity to to be part of the coral reef project and it feels great to... Read More



Hey Thank you for let us volunteer for help make this planet a beautiful world . I had the honor... Read More

Haythem Hosny


The team was so professional and welcoming! I had a great time and one-of-a kind experience that everyone should try.... Read More

Aarushi Mittal


I had an absolute blast! I’ve always wanted to see corals in real life and being able to plant them... Read More

Mrunmayee Vichare


Swimming with corals is my own personal heaven! Being able to help and plant coral polyps is something I never... Read More

Fatima Baig


It’s always an unforgettable feeling seeing the coral reefs. Each dive is an experience in itself, and at the end... Read More

Vivek Kukreti


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Us By The Numbers


The Coral Reef Restoration Programme (CRRP) was established with the aim of supporting the UAE government's commitment to promoting environmental sustainability and improving the coastal economy




CORAL FRAGMENTS planted to date

Representative of 7,614 sqm2 underwater!


Emirates Draw pledges to safeguard the...

Emirates draw commemorates Emirati Women’s Day...

Emirates Draw commends the UAE government’s...

Emirates Draw winner’s passion for marine...

Emirates Draw Welcome International Environmental Divers...

For a Better

Play More,
Save More Corals!

The CRRP initiative was made possible with the efforts of Emirates Draw, which introduced this CSR-based programme in line with the UAE’s efforts to preserve its coral reefs and restore marine ecosystems on a large scale along the country’s coastline.

Play More.
Save More Corals!

Support the planting of coral fragments by purchasing a pencil(s) with the opportunity to participate in weekly draws and win attractive prizes!