Indian Project Manager Revealed as Emirates Draw’s First Global Grand Prize Winner

Record-Breaking Win: Third Grand Prize in Just 5 Weeks

Dubai, UAE, 20 Oct 2023: Emirates Draw announced today another FAST5 Grand Prize Winner. Magesh Kumar Natarajan from India hasn't just secured the FAST5 Grand Prize of AED 25,000 monthly for the next 25 years, but he's done so in a record-breaking 5 weeks following the last win. This success is solid proof that FAST5 is the quickest path to delivering Grand Prize wins in the region, promising prosperity and financial security. But here's the twist: Magesh is the first Grand Prize winner from outside the UAE. This emphasizes the global appeal of Emirates Draw and that dreams truly have no borders.

Committed to transforming people’s lives with full transparency, the organisation will be contractually bound to disburse the monthly payments over the 25-year period in accordance with UAE laws.

Who is Magesh Kumar Natarajan?

49-year-old Magesh, a dedicated Project Manager, has spent most of his life in the vibrant city of Ambur, Tamil Nadu, India. However, it was his four-year work assignment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from 2019 to earlier this year, that set the stage for a remarkable twist of fate.

His travels through Dubai exposed him to the city's popular draws. This sparked his curiosity, leading him to discover Emirates Draw. Inspired by fellow Indian Ajay Ogula, the first EASY6 Grand Prize Winner of AED 15 million and Emirates Draw’s commitment to its Coral Reef Restoration programme, Magesh started participating in hopes of winning a similar prize.

“I really appreciate the fact that Emirates Draw also promotes a great cause with its Coral Reef Restoration Programme, so participating seemed like the right choice,” says Magesh.

Back in Ambur, where he has been residing since August 2023, the married father of two carefully checked the Emirates Draw app, in hopes for any sign of a win. When he finally saw that he had matched all five numbers, making him the FAST5 Grand Prize Winner, he couldn't believe it. It was only when Emirates Draw made the life-changing call that Magesh genuinely believed that he won.

"It was an unbelievable moment that turned out to be one of the happiest and memorable days of my life," continues Magesh.

Mohammad Behroozian Alawadhi, Managing Partner at Emirates Draw, reflects on the latest winner, “Having another Grand Prize Winner in such an impressively brief span reaffirms FAST5's unparalleled pace in delivering Grand Prizes. Our vision extends beyond just games; we aim to touch and transform as many lives as possible globally.”

With this win, Magesh's priority is to give back to the community and support those in need. In addition, he plans to invest in his daughters' education and secure a brighter future for his family. Magesh's win has made him a firm believer in Emirates Draw, and he encourages others to participate, not just for the life-changing opportunities it offers but also for the unique programme it supports. He considers himself truly lucky to have won and believes that each ticket bought makes a meaningful and positive contribution to the community.

Magesh's win highlights the global reach of Emirates Draw, providing limitless opportunities to participants from around the world.