With their deep passion for ocean preservation and dedication to coral reef restoration, our diverse team members form a collective body of knowledge and experience that has been integral to the CRRP’s success. The CRRP progresses to new peaks day by day, and every small milestone brings tremendous excitement to our team members and volunteers.

To date, the CRRP team has firmed up this unique programme to raise awareness on the importance of adopting the best practices in sustainable management and restoration of coral reefs. This is done with the support of expert divers and volunteers across the UAE.

This programme is in line with the UAE and GCC efforts to preserve coral reefs across the region and reflect the UAE leaders’ commitment to sustainability, improving coastal society, economy, and securing generations for a better tomorrow. The team’s motivation to put more effort and passion into their work is the key to the programme’s success. Our community and partners’ efforts demonstrate that we are moving to greater heights in inspiring others to join our cause and make a difference. We will continue influencing people because we should be the cause of change that these corals deserve!